its a me, sander

Hi, my name is sander,

And I like to create stuff

Designer by education,

programmer by interest,

tinkerer by curiosity.


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The ANWB believes that search engines are becoming more and more visual and noticeably smart. In the future users will not need to navigate themselves anymore through large content driven websites to find what they need. Instead they will be guided to personalised and relevant content that they can use directly, optimised for their current situation and user needs.

Meet iris!

anwb iris

The smart personal assistance of the ANWB

anwb home screen

Iris can help you find what you need

anwb home screen

And she will only present relevant information for you

anwb home screen

No matter what you ask her



I like fresh herbs. But I’m not responsible enough to look after plants, yet. So I build this little garden that would automaticly water itself. Then I put in all kinds of sensors to collect some data to analyze the health of the garden.

Check the health of my garden *

* Only active during summer

And, of course, picking the fresh herbs when they are done


Activly used at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam

How can an online platform positively stimulate cooperation and participation among propaedeutic students by making individual performance within the project group clear and discussable?

Give the students insight in their behaviour

Let the students see the workload of the team

Give your team members weekly feedback

Create teams of students

Gain insights in the progress of teams

See when team members are underperforming


The mood of the internet

Translate the mood of the internet by tracking the usage of emoji in a specific locations, e.g. squares, cities, countries, into a physical art installation.

See the ever changing mood of the internet, in realtime.


How can we turn around the decreasing number of leads for By using a combination of a new design, better user flow and improved usability we made it possible to increase the conversion rate with 30%, from 0.45% to 0.60%, while also decreasing the page-load-time and overall size (in MB) of the website.




Old website


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How can we explain the blockchain technology in a way everybody will understand. Blockchain is a technology that is expected to change the financial sector worldwide. Because of its global influence, it is important to find ways to explain and make accessible for discussion the workings of the technology to a broad public.

Create a game with your friends, trade in the market and upgrade your wallet

But be aware of the thiefs who are trying to rob your storage

By translating the workings of the blockchain together with cryptocurrency and wallet design to a game we can explain the blockchain via learning through play.

Demo *

* Designed for mobile, but probably looks good on desktop as well


Making the invisible visible

Use the space helmet to see the nebula

Using a polarizing filter

Touching the wavelength to change the electromagnetic spectrum in which you see the nebula


How can we use gamification to build an applications which will support OCD-patients with their ERP therapy.

Making mood tracking more accessible and engaging for the patients by using playful design.

Make your fear ladder and face your obsessions.

This project is still work in progress

See concept document

See concept designs

Working experience Front-end developer Apr. 2017 - sep. 2017
Stamkracht Front-end developer Feb. 2016 - jul. 2016
Stamkracht Intern Front-end developer Sep. 2015 - feb. 2016
Hogeschool van Amsterdam Student assistant Sep. 2015 - jan. 2016
Vcreations Intern Front-end developer Apr. 2014 - jul. 2014


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Digital Design 2017 - 2018
Hogeschool van Amsterdam Communication and Multimedia Design 2012 - 2017
Hogeschool Utrecht B Informatica 2011 - 2012

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